About the Chef


Chef Angel David started off his culinary journey at Tepe a Tepe as a pastry commis of the venezuealan Pastry Chef Florencia Rondón. It didn’t took long for him to start his career at Universidad del Este in Carolina, Puerto Rico. At this phase he colaborated with Chefs like Mark French (Mark’s at the Meliá), David Chaymol (Bistro de Paris) and Cesar Fernández (Water Club Hotel). Angel David was awarded with a 3rd prize on the First Annual Future Chef Convention and also recognized by the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico as an outstanding student in the culinary field. By the end of his first year at the culinary arts college he was recognized by the puerto rican press as one of the new culinary talents of the island by (EL Vocero) newspaper.

On 2002 Angel David left from Puerto Rico to Miami, FL to enrich his culinary knowledge at Johnson & Wales University. This step helped him as being part of the opening team at the world renowned chef Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant. After working 4 years in Miami Chef Angel David returned to his homeland where he placed in practice his knowledge as a Culinary Instructor at Universidad del Este and lead restaurants like Vinsanto Café, Novo Rest., Agora Café Hotel, Moriviví, and Asador San Miguel. He also participated on Puerto Rico’s first T.V. show called Operación Chef and accomplished an honorable American Culinary Federation silver medal on 2006.

In 2007/2009 he left to Spain to stage one month of each year with the Salvador Dalí of chefs Ferrán Adriá at El Bulli, where he learned his avant garde techniques. It has been one of the greatest memories he has ever experienced. On 2009 he joined Chef Nils Noren of the French Culinary Institute in N.Y. and conducted a 2 day seminar of new culinary tendencies on molecular gastronomy called Innov8.

On 2010 he decided to develop a one of a kind concept in Puerto Rico named Casa de Campo Palo Alto where he would study different styles of cuisines and elaborating a 11 – 15 course dining experience in which would change every single month. At the same time he started consultation services at other restaurants in Puerto Rico.

After 4 years Chef Angel David was awarded on 2014 as Puerto Rico’s Novel Chef of the year, in which this happens every 8 years. After this he decided to work for one of the world’s best chefs Grant Achatz at Next restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. Chef Angel David went to work at a farm to table restaurant Firefly Grill where 45% of the produce was grown in house and gained a lot of knowledge on how to maximize the garden’s seasonal products. After he went to Miami and worked for the prestigious SLS Hotel as Sous Chef of Katsuya, Hyde and American Airlines Arena. After a couple years he was offered to be Chef de Cuisine of Kaido Miami where he helped out on the logistics, menu, kitchen flow and developed ideas for the restaurant with Chef Brad Kilgore.

After 18 years in the food and beverage business Chef Angel David is pleased to bring his own style of restaurant which he has being working for the past two years, this one is a blend of modern American food with a French twist while using Caribbean flavors. Chef Angel David proudly presents El Gallo Pinto, it will be opening July, 3 2021 in his hometown Guayama, Puerto Rico. See you soon…

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